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Row Guidance for Corn


Headsight offers high accuracy row-crop autosteer control systems for corn harvesting.  They use mechanical sensing wands to feel the stalks and integrate with an existing steering device to guide the combine down the row.  Headsight row guidance systems are not tied to GPS; therefore, they can be installed on any combine with a supported steering valve or motor.

Sensor Features

  • Flexible poly sensing wands

  • Spring trip for backing up

  • Tilt compensation for operation on slopes

  • Auto engage - Turns the system on or off based on feederhouse height so your hand doesn't leave the hydro handle.

  • Ties into steering wheel, seat switch and combine speed for safety

  • Adjustable row width

Benefits of Row Guidance

  • Reduces Operator Fatigue

  • Improves Efficiency

  • Increases Productivity

  • Improves Feeding

Headsight Row Guidance Systems

Truesight® 2

Truesight 2 row guidance continues the tradition of class-leading performance and flexibility while adding features for the modern harvesting operation.


Row guidance that uses Headsight's single crop sensor design with Horizon and the OEM steering controls.  Allows Factory row guidance to be used with off brand heads.

Row guidance that uses Headsight's single crop sensor design with the Truesense module and the OEM steering controls.  Allows Factory row guidance to be used with off brand heads.

Header Height Control Systems

See why the HEADSIGHT® patented design gives you the best header height control on the market.

Benefits & Solutions

  • Increases yield

  • Reduces down time

  • Decreases fatigue

  • Provides automatic height and tilt control for corn headers

  • Maximizes efficiency

  • Includes 3-year parts warranty on sensors

  • Installs easily

  • All sensors independently control height

Header Height Sensors

Terrahawk® Radar Height Control For Corn

Headsight is pleased to announce Terrahawk® , a non-contact radar height sensor for headers. Terrahawk® interfaces with Headsight’s Horizon® controller to provide industry-leading in-field performance.

  • Most Advanced Header Height Control Sensor

  • Non-contacting radar sensors

  • Senses through crop material to find ground

  • Increased height range


Headsight Poly Arm Height Sensor - Corn

When it comes to the protection of your header, it’s all about accuracy, reliability and ease of use.  The features of the Headsight sensor demonstrate the years of experience and design that have been focused to achieve these goals.

  • Accurate long lasting patented height sensors

  • 1-year parts warranty on sensors

  • All sensors (up to 5) independently control height

  • Works with most combines made in the last 30 years



Horizon® Controller

Headsight's Horizon® offers the most advanced header control and diagnostics at your finger tips.  It uses the existing OEM display enabling the operator to update settings, view diagnostic info, and perform calibrations without ever leaving the cab.  Horizon enhances the performance of header height control and adds extensive capabilities to monitor and control header functions.


Insight® Controller

Headsight Insight interface controller surpasses OEM and direct wire header height performance.  It increases the maximum number of height sensors to 5 and includes advanced settings to optimize height control.  Precision performance controls like Foresight and Magic Power Boost  are optional features available with Insight.

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