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Beck’s product team identifies and launches corn products specific to your geography, historical weather patterns, and soil types. We know that no two farms are identical, and that you need diversity to optimize yields year after year. Our intensive testing program and field observations capture regional differences to deliver additional yield on your farm.


Beck’s product team identifies and launches soybean products on a regional level based on factors like disease tolerance, geography, and soil types. From east to west and north to south, soybeans perform differently across environments. By recognizing these regional differences, we deliver additional yield on your farm. All Beck’s soybeans are backed by our 100% Free Replant Policy. If there is a need to replant a stand of soybeans, as determined by a Beck’s representative, we will furnish the seed and royalties free of charge.


For every farm and every field, there are numerous decisions that must be made each year. To help you make those decisions with confidence, Beck’s created FARMserver®, a web-based tool designed to assist farmers in implementing precision farming strategies on their farm. With this easy-to-use and secure tool, farmers can precisely monitor cropping variables, collect and analyze data concerning those variables, and then use the resulting information to increase productivity on the farm.

Backed by a dedicated support team to ensure success, FARMserver subscriptions are free to all Beck’s corn and soybean customers and are compatible with all makes and models of monitors.

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