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Precision Seed &
Fertilizer Application Systems

Specializing in Liquid Application Solutions 

  • Planters

  • Drills

  • Strip-Till

  • Side-Dressing

  • Pre-Dressing

  • Chemical Injection /Fertigation 

  • Impregnation Solutions

  • Software Development

AgXcel GX1 

Designed for lower volume needs

  • Clean, sleek and efficient

  • Single or Dual pump configurations

  • Withstands even the most demanding conditions

AgXcel GX3

Designed for Hydrahume &

Blacklabel or Low Volume Capture 

  • Also ideal as a low volume solution 

  • 5.3 GPM Single or dual pump

  • Optional roller pump for harsh chemical environments like insecticide, herbicide and fungicides

  • Easy integration into OEM Controllers

  • Multiple mount options

AgXcel GX2

Designed for the mid-sized producer 

  • Dual pump setups run in parallel with each other 

  • Section valves can be mounted on top of chassis

  • All systems contain vapor lock valves to expedite priming

  • Laser cut, power coated chassis to withstand demanding environment application 

AgXcel GX5 

Designed for high volume application 

  • Hydraulic diaphragm pump

  • Suitable for discharge pressure up to 1200 bar 

  • Excellent self-priming capabilities

  • Superior handling of high viscous liquids

  • Excellent suction can handle sludge and slurries with a relatively high amount of grit and solid content

AgXcel GX6

Dual Metering Solution 

  • Designed for high viscosity blends like Black Label, Hydra Hume 

  • Inside Diameter is 2x larger than its equal orifice making less susceptible to plugging 

  • Ideal for low volume application 

  • Dual metering manifold features on/off valve

  • Available in 11 different sizes 

AgXcel GX 7d

Row Monitoring Solution 


  • Monitor the flow on every row. Know every detail about where, when, and how much fertilizer you are applying 

  • The GX7d Runs independent and will work alongside any system that you have in place 

  • Now had capability to connect through ISOBUS connection 

  • Magnetic "multi-flow", low maintenance, flow meters offer precise reading of liquid flow 

AgXcel GX12i

Precision Injection System 

  • Designed for the application of low volume pesticides, insecticides or any solution requiring a carrying agent 

  • Uses pressure and volume of existing pump system, requires not electrical components

  • 10-gallon solution tank

  • Works seamlessly with al AgXcel systems 

AgXcel GX20

Dry Treater

  • Precise application of chemicals for testing dry fertilizer

  • Control wireless vis Android Tablet, using built in secure Wi-Fi

  • One Gx20 Module can run up to 3 pump systems

  • Dual 5.3 GPM pumps

  • Treat Rate by Rate Time

  • Treat in Gallons Per Minute

  • Treat with a specified rate 

AgXcel GX30i

Variable Rate Technology

  • Ideal for hign speed planters for a wide range of application rates

  • GX30 intelligent micro-processor that manages and controls system pressure

  • 3 stage orifice system provides a broader range of application at higher/lower rates

  • Micro-Control valves on each row serve as sectional valves

AgXcel GX50

High Pressure Ammonia Stabilizer Injector

  • 240 VAC 25-amp configuration 

  • 10 Gallons/ Min @200 PSI

  • High Performance Positive Displacement Pump

  • 2HP 3600 RPM self-cooled motor

  • Resistive touch screen

  • Easy to use programming

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